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Founded in 1966, CBC started as a manufacturer of animal husbandry tools, successfully producing products for the hydraulic and mechanical sectors, before producing its first thread cutting machine, the mod 114. Since the 80s, they have been increasing their credibility in the industry by producing sophisticated, state-of-the-art digital 3-stage pipe bending equipment.



Unsere Werkzeugmaschinen und Handwerkzeuge kommen auf Baustellen im SHK-Gewerk und in Kälte-, Gas- und Umwelttechnik sowie in der Wartung zum Einsatz.

Handwerker schätzen unsere Werkzeuge für ihre Zuverlässigkeit und Langlebigkeit – Zeichen der Innovationskraft und der anspruchsvollen Technologie, die wir in der Entwicklung und Fertigung unserer Produkte einsetzen. 



Pipe cutters, millers, bevelers, flange facing machines and all GBC products have been known throughout the world for more than thirty years: in the field of pipe and plate cutting and beveling we always occupy a leading position in the world market.

This has been possible thanks to the quality, variety and high technology of our cutting and beveling tools we have been producing since 1981, when Mr. Bruno Giottoli, engineer, founded the company.

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Since its foundation in 1909 REMS has been developing products for the pipe working, especially for sanitary and heating installers. At first, hand tools and then subsequently machines and electric power tools. The stipulation of the company founder Christian Föll “REMS must be superior” has always been the benchmark for our actions. Today REMS is a leading manufacturer of machines and tools for the pipe working. 

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