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Electrician Tools


From the construction site to the machine shop or an airplane:

our tools can be found in use wherever a high-quality, professional result is required. Whatever your industry or individual application, we are sure to be able to offer you the right product for the job.



The "LOBSTER (Ebijirushi- kougu)"brand tools has 130 years of history and we, at LOBTEX, presently specialize in large varieties of tools to meet the needs of professional and home use.
This page contains information on all the "LOBSTER" brand tools products for details and specifications.
For more information on the details, please see and browse all you like.

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Our fundamental idea is to focus. Only as specialists can we offer our customers top performance and survive against global competition. In over 140 years, we have accumulated a very extensive pliers and manufacturing know-how, which can be found in every single pair of KNIPEX pliers.

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